Engage Your Team

Assess Your Entire Organization – Securely and Simply – Anywhere at Anytime

Comprehensive Business Reporting Tools

Always have the most up-to-date version of your engagement priorities, while managing your business and team performance improvement. Over 600 businesses have used our systems to achieve their goals.

Real Time Employee Engagement Assessment Results

Get Employee Engagement Assessment Results in Real-Time

With EYT, you can assess your organization in different areas, teams, or groups, all on-line and then review the reports and implementation strategy. You will be able to access the reports anywhere at any time giving you the ability to share the information with your partners in collaboration with team members.

View the Assessments Easily for All Levels of Employees or Management

Whenever you want to assess part-time or full time employees, other groups or team performance, you can use your assessment results for a Gap Analysis on any department – Administration, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, etc. You can easily review both short-term and long-term employee engagement strategies, with prioritized actionable processes, tailored to your business strategy.

Organized Management Reports

Keep Your Middle Management & Top Leadership Engaged 24/7

EYT makes it easy to assess your leadership/management engagement with your key leaders to ensure corporate engagement at all levels. No more business strategic planning objectives stagnated at the corporate or customer service level.

Assess the Entire Business: from the Perspective of Leaders, Managers, Employees, and Experts

Comprehensive Business Reporting Tools

If you can’t see your entire business operations, administration, and all of your employees’ engagement – you can’t manage it strategically and safely. Once you are able to see the entire business operations, you can utilize all your tangible and intangible assets required for collaboration and continuous improvement. EYT is a pioneer in leadership and employee engagement strategies that work.

When we deliver the information you’ll need to understand your business as a whole in order to prioritize improvements. This multi-level perspective allows you to identify the challenges related to leadership, management, producers, processes, projects, administration, customer service, and/or finance. EYT is your support for an action plan and business strategy you can use to address your challenges. All the information on your business is safe, secure.

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