Engage Your Team

Manage and Focus on Business not Strategy.

Real Time Employee Assessment Results

Assessment Services

How it works? Whenever you are negotiating new market development, leadership transition, or managing team building project, you need vision and strategy for all of your leadership management and employee engagement.

EYT puts you in control by moving strategy development process and reporting out of insecure management conflict area and into a secure and simple assessment where you will always have the customized strategy for each group and comparison ready for cross-collaboration plans.

Reduce time and strategy development by consolidating human and operational strategy in one report which discusses your business and your employee engagement strategy.

Set up 30 minute online assessment, decide number of participants, decide types of reports, and the best timing.

Strategy Reporting Services

With EYT, a few clicks of your mouse it takes to get your online report with short and long term actionable plans, where you get review of entire enterprise in 10 key management areas,

Review cost of information technology management and it’s influenced.

Review how business resources and services management area effect your cross-business collaboration and compare with new strategy.

Ananylze R.O.I. in client investment areas and strategy for engagement incentives.

Deployment Services

Real Time Employee Assessment Results

EYT collaboration business report future lets you easily share engagement strategy content and oversee what employee group receive and deploy which strategy. EYT delivers a wide array of engagement tools for even the most engagement conscious leadership.

Get our collaboration on implementation delivery in the form of: roundtables, GAP meetings, offside/in-house meetings, champion assignment. Create a system to champion change, measure progress, manage contributions, and structure personalized training.

Set up a time line to assess target cost savings. Create strategic and tactical dashboard indicators and take actual process and practices samples.

Get the deal done faster by creation of employee mobilized teams expanding wide collaboration with target cost savings in finances and services.

Assurance/Re-Invention Services With Custom Developed R.O.I.

Engage Your Team’s custom branding ensures you always get guaranteed R.O.I. on implementation; it also provides a familiar audit of progress, report on employee mobilized improvement, net dollar contributions, customer service progress, and final review report.

Avoid confusion between managing partners by making it easy to maintain system control with employee engagement tools of dates, notifications, and indicators.