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RoleFit Survey™ (RFS®)

Integrate Workforce Screening Process: Quality and Profitability EASILY

Real Time Employee Assessment Results

Eliminate traditional, ineffective, and inefficient recruiting processes with the RFS® approach which produces a 30% to 50% reduction in primary recruiting costs and further reduces secondary and tertiary recruiting costs and time.

Have an Expert Team of I/O Psychologists, IT, HR Recruiting Available

RoleFit Survey screens, assesses, and scores candidates against the specific job, our 54 Factor Job competency Model and 100 behavioral proficiency levels. Over 100,000 candidates have already completed the survey.

Cloud-Integrated to Access 1,200+ Job Descriptions

The RFS® enables you to select a Job Description from our Master Job Inventory and copy and paste it into your electronic job posting; the whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Monitor the Quality of the Job Applicants Pool for Any Job

The RFS® Control Panel can quickly review the quality of applicants, broaden your search, post to additional electronic job boards, etc. prior to the job posting expiring. Recruiters get real-time decision support and the option to enhance your talent acquisition strategy.

RoleFit™ Survey Automated Career Assessment Service (ASCENTII)™

Sometimes an organization has to face the unpleasant task of engaging in a Reduction in Force (RIF)™. Whether it is called workforce right-sizing or re-skilling, it has the potential to have a devastating affect on the productivity of your workforce, business continuity, customer satisfaction and retention, productivity and profitability.

Real Time Employee Assessment Results

Use the organizational RoleFit Survey – Career Guidance™ solution to assist terminated employees successfully transition to other jobs/careers where they have a high degree of having career success while preserving their financial well-being, self-esteem and dignity. The modest investment for this specific solution can not only assist the employee’s transition successfully, it can also mitigate the degree of litigation brought about by “wrongful-dismissal” charges, etc. One organization estimates that by making the RoleFit Survey – Career Guidance™ solution available to all employees within a RIF it may be able to reduce the cost and efforts associated with this type of litigation by up to 70%.

The RoleFit Survey™ Automated Career Assessment Service for Students (ASPIRE-ECS)™

Comprehensive Business Reporting Tools

Use the Automated Career Assessment Service for Students to quickly identify which jobs/careers provide students with the highest probability for career success. This 20 minute assessment provides students, parents, educators and guidance counselors with a valid, reliable and ongoing reference for selecting careers, university degree and college diploma programs and courses. It facilitates students being able to make the right choices sooner, spending less on post-secondary education, entering the job market and becoming financially independent sooner.

The Automated Graduate Placement System™ (AGPS®)

Consolidate All Your Student Placements: Get Graduates Full-Time Jobs within 90 Days of Graduation

The single, secure solution for placement systems lets you replace a myriad of time consuming costly activities, immediately enhance the value of Career Counselors, and decrease time to place students by 30% to 80% allowing you to quickly attract Corporate Partners. AGPS® gives professionals the recruiting tools to replaces the traditional time consuming organization of job fairs by instantly Automating Career Fairs.

Organized Management Reports

Improve Corporate ROI by Participating in a Career Fair

Automated Graduate Placement System (AGPS®) quickly enables you to obtain a complete picture of a student’s assets, quickly identifying appropriate talent to fill jobs, improving the probability of long-term employment, and improving the ROI of participating in Career Fairs. Simultaneously, the AGPS® can be easily used to support multiple faculties and locations, and can be used with an unlimited number of corporate partners, students, and job. It provides a reliable, secure, legally defensible, turnkey approach supported by an entire team of Industrial/Organizational/Psychologists and dedicated IT team.

Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters

The AGPS® combines the science of sound Career Assessment and Industrial and Organizational Psychology through our RoleFit Survey™ and combines it with MatchPoint™, our cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS®). By combining these two supporting cloud-based systems Graduate Recruiting is taken to a whole new level, it is valid, reliable and on-demand. MatchPoint™ was designed and built by recruiters for recruiters. Your educational institution or organization will get immediate benefits from using AGSP®, AND you don’t require an internal IT department to support it because we do it for you through our Cloud Computing service delivery platform. It is safe, simple, reliable, and convenient. In short, like all of our services and solutions, if you have access to the Internet you have access to the AGPS®, plain and simple.

Extend AGPS® with Our Services and Project Collaboration

Contact us today to learn more about how and why the AGPS® is quickly becoming the specific solution of choice for students, high schools, colleges and universities around the world.

Organized Management Reports

Free Proof of Concept (PoC®) Pilot Program

Our Customer Success team offers New Product Launches and Free PoC Pilot Programs and allows you to take advantage of no cost webinar presentations.

We offer FREE Proof of Concept PILOT PROJECTS to qualified organizations to demonstrate the results we produce will significantly improve your business profitability:

High Cost of Recruiting and Employee Turnover – Take the RoleFit Survey™ Free Trial to validate and automate competency-based job applicant screening and rank ordering. Reduce time and costs to hire from 30% to 50%.

Validate Literacy or Multilingual Capability Select one assessment in any of 12 languages on the Bright Literacy and Language Testing Platform™. Reduce time and costs to hire from 10% to 25%.

High Work Force and HR Liability and Litigation – Try the Mini Exposure, Risk and Liability Assessment Audit to facilitate a holistic audit of your HR processes. Identify Exposure and Risk to Reduce Workforce Liability.