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Strategic and Tactical Assessment to Re-engage™

-Report On Employee Engagement Strategy = No Capital Budget

Comprehensive Assessment Analysis Tools

It’s a business fact: Nearly 90% of all the consulting industry’s traditional assessments and strategy processes take too long, typically 2 to 3 or more months, thus creating current business profitability bottlenecks. They consume too many resources, rely on new technology purchases, and generate lengthy matrices and comparison benchmarking data only. Usually team decisions are based on erroneous information or communication gaps between leadership, management and employees. The indications are that it’s a poor understanding of business/project objectives, and not the lack of new technology or other resources, that result in low accountability, poor sales, low profitability, potential retention risk, liability, rework, and other additional costs.

Reduce 30-50% in strategy development cost. Compare leaders, management, employees in 10 different areas and assess reports short/long plus strategy for engagement.

Share aggregate report with your management and leaders securely in one place. Get implementation ready report for project sales meeting and star results online.

Compare your human and operational resources. Review how employee groups communicate and collaborate in cross-functional areas on diversity management, internal communication, learning and development, information technology, incentives, business growth, and other resources and services management.

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Strategic Assessment of Vital Elements™

Business Performance Strategy for Leaders = No Capital Budget.

Comprehensive Assessment Analysis Tools
SAVE® from EYT can assess small and large management teams and receive both long and short-term strategy and plans – quickly and easily. With EYT you avoid clunky, productivity-draining strategy meetings and their restrictive limitations. The Result: Whether you’re organizing a large expansion project, verify key management profiles skills and training, planning for effective annual sales, or initiating world class customer service, you can save an average of 68 minutes per week. Over a year, that’s more than an entire work week!

EYT assesses key talent engagement in 10 business areas: Financial Management, Customer Service, Performance Management, Cross-Functional Organization, Internal Communication, Process Management, Emotional Intelligence, Informational Technology, Competitive Advantage, Performance and Accountability, Training/Development, Human Resources, Sales Management, and Strategic Growth.

Compare Business Effectiveness Graphs with Gantt Charting. Assess your existing strategy to the recommended strategy for growth.

Available for Industry Applications: Service, Retail, Wholesales, Manufacturing, Fortune 500, Small Business, Start-Ups, Government Agencies, Database Services, Medical Consultants, High Technology, Financial, and Hospitality.
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Talentics™: Career Success Mapping

Employee and Leadership Engagement ReportingEYT makes it easy to manage centralized system for strategy and promotions.

Leadership Development

Imagine replacing multiple research, testing and surveys with a single secure strategy report. This will give you a customized solution for each level of your human and operational resources.

Reduces assessment and strategy silos. Lower cost of turnover and gives you a simplified and functional measure in the form of report and customized strategy for any group; all in one report.

No hardware, software, infrastructure configuring or tuning is needed.

Real Time Employee Assessment Results

Team Building

Manage your team development needs, create one aggregate or multiple reports for each location groups or employment level. Compare different strategies and cross-functional areas for collaboration in one single report.

Replace employee engagement statistical research with one online assessment to review engagement for entire organization and get strategy for each level of employment.

All assessment reports have seamless and integrated logic and produce customized implementation strategy.

Track how/where team strategy is used for employees or management and share with top leaders, both inside and outside your organization.

Staffing Management

As a fully cloud based solution, Engage Your Team eliminates the burden of H.R. consultants and provisioning new hardware, increasing timing proficiency, matching, ranking, and ordering functions and secure information storage.

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