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Strategic and Tactical Assessment to Reengage Employees™

Business Report with Strategy and Plans = No Capital Budget

Comprehensive Assessment Analysis Tools

It’s a business fact: Nearly 90% of all consulting industry traditional assessment and strategy process takes too long, typically 2 to 3 or more months, creating current business profitability bottleneck. It consumes too many resources and relies on new technology purchase, and provide lengthy matrix and benchmarking processes comparison only– team decisions are often based on erroneous communication or communication gap between leadership, management and employees. Indications are that poor understanding of business/project objectives not a lack of new technology result in low accountability, resulting in poor sales and low profitability, potential retention risk and liability, rework, and additional costs.EYT Enterprise allows you to eliminate traditional, ineffective, fragmentary efforts of periodic testing and training. The STAR® approach produces a 30% to 50% reduction in primary project/objectives strategy/implementation costs and further reduces secondary and tertiary production costs and time.

Compare all human resources management with operations management. Get strategy to improve employees engagement in 10 different areas on the subject of: cross functional collaboration, diversity management, internal communication, learning and development, engagement incentives, information technology, business growth strategy and customer service management and emotional intelligence. Get strategy for short/ long term planning and strategy with guarantees on implementation.


Strategic Analysis of 14 Vital Elements™

Business Report with Strategy and Plans= Manufacturing, Service, Retail, Not-for-Profit

Comprehensive Assessment Analysis Tools
Ever tried to strategize leaders and management teams, only to receive a conflicting ideas? Good-bye time consuming strategy sessions, hello SAVE® from EYT where you assess small and large management teams– get strategy and plans for long and short term – quickly and easily. With EYT you say sayonara to clunky, productivity-draining strategy meetings and their restrictive limitations. Result: Whether you’re organizing a large expansion project, verify key management profiles skills and training or plan for effective annual sales, initiate world class customer service, you save an average of 68 minutes per week. Over a year, that’s more than an entire work week!

Talentics™: Staff Development Program

Integrated Development Process for Emerging Leaders (TALENETICS™)

Employee and Leadership Engagement Reporting
Expand on Carl Jung’s theories of the four primary behavior traits to include an analysis of management knowledge and skills in relation to a job position’s requirements. Provide customized training and integrate staffing strategies for key talent retention and career success, as well as, design comprehensive tools, specific solutions, and functional systems for your organization.

Staff and Develop for Success

Today´s leaders must manage the scarce commodity called talent to sustain their competitive edge. Brainpower remains a key differentiator in today´s competitive markets. The organizations with the best talent win. In the midst of a slow economy and a take-no-prisoners stock market, attracting, recruiting, hiring, retaining, and engaging top talent can make or break any organization. With a labor shortage expected to hit ten million workers by 2013, and 43% of our labor force eligible to retire in the next decade, the demand for talent is expected to outweigh supply by 20% through 2015.

Real Time Employee Assessment Results

Integrate Staffing, Retention, and Leadership Promotion using Talenetics

Each Talenetics self-assessment is designed to help the recipient understand the person’s philosophies or ideals in terms of aspirations and values, leadership, and business management; and profiles or actual performance in terms of leadership skills, business management skills, and behaviors. Each of these areas is described and analyzed to determine if the subject tends to be an empathizer, factualizer, organizer or visualizer. The subject’s philosophies and profiles are also compared for each of the three areas to determine how consistent are the person’s beliefs and actions.

Every person’s job requires a unique combination of these behavior tendencies depending on the nature and requirements of the job. The extent to which the associate’s unique combination of behaviors relates to the ideal combination can help identify ways to take advantage of strengths and build other skills, continuous improvement opportunities for success in the current position, or identify other jobs that may be a good fit and within which they will find career success.

The Talenetics assessment also helps analyze several skill sets or knowledge bases as compared to “perfection.” This information can be used to assess the need to build those skills and knowledge bases.

In this personal profile we provide definitions, a composite profile and comparison to the ideal, detailed assessments and comparisons of philosophies and profiles, and a summary of skill sets and knowledge bases. The Talenetics assessment also includes a leadership and personal development succession plan with our specific recommendations. Personal one-on-one management consultation may also be provided.

TALENETICS Offers Five Distinctive Business/Management Applications:

        1. Instituting a management team concept.
        2. Strategizing career success & development.
        3. Promoting and repositioning management.
        4. Planning leadership development.
        5. Selecting & staffing management positions.


  • Participants complete the online assessment independently (1 to 1.5 hours).
  • Participants benchmark their own business strengths and weaknesses through responding to over 650 strategic questions on all areas of business and management-related behavior.


  • Develop a customized profile against the participant’s primary responsibilities.
  • Evaluate the primary job responsibilities of each participant.
  • Evaluate your profile & career success development plans for each participant against the job.
Comprehensive Business Reporting Tools


  • Full color behavior profile effectiveness charts of 36 areas.
  • An overview analysis of the participant compared to his/her primary job responsibilities.
  • Six (6) general profiles including, aspirations, behavior profile, leadership.
  • Six (6) personal effectiveness assessments: time management skills, problem solving, mental sharpness, general knowledge, and memory recall.
  • Six (6) development strategies for behavior modification for better leadership.
  • Three (3) profile sketches on leadership, business, and behavior tendencies.
And if you want or need help in implementing strategies to use the Talenetics information to build your team, improve communications, increase accountability, and improve your business, we are ready to serve you.