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Services Tailored to Your Industry

EYT‘s tailored, specific solutions ensure you always engage your leadership, management, and employee needs from the perspective of your industry. It also addresses challenges familiar to your specific industry in order to capture an efficient strategy and with action plans.

Communications, Media, and Entertainment Companies

EYT facilitates growth by engaging employees and leaders in new market requirements and customer expectations. EYT enables employee/leader engagement in market-tested solutions to embrace product leadership, customer loyalty, operational excellence, career success, and affective cost optimization.

Aerospace and Defense Companies

We address employee engagement in an efficient use of resources through manufacturing strategies and lean design. At EYT we assess the employee and leadership engagement in addressing the urgent concerns of your industry’s performance improvement while delivering increased financial returns. Our services facilitate employee reinvention to further reduce costs, while focusing on program delivery within shorter schedules.

Chemical Companies

  We engage leadership in addressing mature markets, a slow growth phase, or the shifting demand in emerging markets. While industry consolidations, regulatory compliance, and asset-utilization decisions are beyond our reach, important elements like attentive leadership, employee engagement in the business strategy for people, processes, technologies, and operations needed to sustain performance improvement and grow the business are primary focuses of the assessment process.

Financial Companies

  Do you need the engagement of management and employees, at all levels, in margin pressures, credit issues, interest changing demographics, increased customer demands, and regulatory changes? Then focus leadership and employees on re-engaging in the cost effectiveness of their own operations. We dedicate our services to special organizations, such as banking and insurance, to help navigate the changing environment for and with all employees in these competitive industries.

Consumer Product Companies

  Engage employees and management in an effective response to demand signals by using our facilitating systems that help you listen to consumer feedback and respond effectively to demand signals. We believe that companies that know how to engage their management and employees in being market responsive, will position themselves as the leaders in this global arena.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

  Engage employees in the understanding of the increasing pressure from the public, the federal government, and from within. As healthcare organizations are poised to undertake massive changes in regulations and information technology, ultimately providing electronic health records for everyone through a network of decentralized databases requires engaged employees for which emotional intelligence is very crucial.

High Tech

  Delivering the right systems and solutions to market effectively and sustaining competitiveness in the global high tech industry requires top-grade people engagement. These companies are dealing with global integration evolving from mergers and acquisitions, lightning speed product innovation, the expectation for global-class sales support, and the emergence of cloud computing and social media challenges. Further complicating this are changes in how high tech companies’ employees engage in doing business and their customer interrelations.

Industrial Products

 To manage the industrial products environment, companies need employees and management in order to be more responsive to both external and internal complexities. There needs to be a particular focus on processes and systems that give them visibility and control across the enterprise, that will lead to faster enterprise-wide decisions.

Oil and Gas

The new trends causing oil companies to re-assess their organizational and team performance, as well as, operational effectiveness, regulatory and reporting requirements, supply chain, risk profile, workforce recruiting, career success, and employee retention programs are only few reasons for quality employee engagement. Changing domestic energy policy, macroeconomics triggered pricing, decoupling of oil and gas commodity prices, and increasing complexity from improved technology, have created both challenges and opportunities in the industry. Our product portfolio and services provides solutions for re-engagement.

Public Sector

  Today, government leaders are challenged to deliver greater value with fewer resources. Across all levels of the public sector, there is renewed emphasis on demonstrating real value to the to consumer. To address performance improvement, accountability, and employee needs. Public sector leaders must engage in a right performance management model for their organization, focused on key outcomes and results. Employee engagement strategy addresses multi-level challenges faster and more effectively by engaging all teams in high performance.

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