Engage Your Team

Get Customized Deployment For Your Business

Have you tried to implement costly employee needs assessments on your own?

Good-bye confusing and fragmented reports! Hello EYT, where you get assessments for any growth phase of your business, any business type, and for employee needs at any location.

Receive your full analysis and strategic action plans – efficiently and cost effeectively.

Implementation Action Plans: Collaborate and Receive a Discount of 5% to 10% in Pricing

With EYT, you say good-bye to expensive management consulting, productivity draining tests, and intimidating applications. Get Specific Solutions for Results: Whether you are assessing a business division, a department, team performance, or the entire organization, EYT can save you time and effort. To order an assessment just click on a link and take the 30 minute assessment. You can get it directly from EYT. by selecting the area(s) to be assessed – engage a department, a group, any type of area – then allow half-an-hour for the assessment. Afterwards you can review your business strategy, action plan, and implementation priorities. If you need support with implementation, we are ready to serve you and your entire team with face-to-face sessions, webinars, systems, tools, and more. We can work directly at your location(s) on-site if you wish.

Create a System for Strategic Short and Long-Term Deployment

Create a system to implement your strategy by engaging employees and management in your business performance improvement solutions and addressing your employee needs assessment results and priorities. Collaborate with your Management Team on strategizing and addressing the Ten Vital Elements of Your Business. Collaboration, as desired, along with our management consulting deployment team on the important business planning & development objectives to facilitate implementation with your Employees, Management, and Leadership teams.

Ensure a Return On Investment (ROI) on Any Project with a 100% to 300% Improvement

When you receive the employee needs assessment from EYT Business Services, you obtain access to your actions plans, our expertise and collaboration, and training when needed to facilitate your team performance self-sustaining engagement process. Email notifications can let everybody know of group meetings, updates, and analysis. And … the results can be viewed from anywhere.