Engage Your Team

Entire Enterprise in One Assessment

Easy All-in-One Assessment: In 30 Minutes

EYT Business Services makes it simple to internally assess your corporation and compare operational divisions, affiliate partners, or franchise groups. We place the employee needs assessment wherever it is required. More good news: Your particular division or group is notified whenever the reviews are finalized and when reports and strategy with action plans are delivered! The total effect: EYT customers get an average ROI of 100%-300% upon project implementation and each user typically gains over four months in productivity.

Simple & Secure Strategy, Action Plan and Collaboration: Quickly

From a single division to an entire enterprise and partnering companies, EYT lets you quickly and simply share complicated employee engagement strategies even if they’re outside of your home country. We send assessments quickly and easily via a weblink, and provide a business strategy with actionable plans for ongoing organizational performance improvement and management sharing. You can also share your business assessments and priorities through Outlook.

A New Level of Control: All Personnel Can Easily Review

No one has to tell you that employee disengagement can be a well-founded cause for business concern. Our robust assessment reports come with a strategy and action plans for management. They can include any division or department, plus all levels of employee needs in an easy to review form giving you a very comprehensive view of your organization and provides you specific solutions.

Choose from different perspectives on your business – yours, your leaders, management , industry experts, and employees including dozens of different assessments on any type of different process, products, markets, or technology implementation. We allow anonymous testing and secure reports, plus scheduled reports, a qualitative and quantitative analysis, or link to actionable priorities with implementation for selected departments.

HR Tools

Tracking Any Project Implementation Engagement: Collaboration

Employee and Leadership Engagement Reporting

Partners, Corporate Affiliates, Leaders – with EYT, you always know who is engaged, who is not, and which division drags the entire enterprise down, what management groups might hurt your shareholder relations, or jeopardize service continuous improvement. The Bottom Line: Everybody is on the same page and you are in control.

While you facilitate the business strategy, review, and plan for collaboration, you get printed or online status reports, via EYT‘s website. Schedule roundtables, 360 degree reviews, on-site or off-site, with instant file activity via email. Clients that use EYT services & solutions find that they obtain an ROI of at least 100% to 300% upon project completion.