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What Can EYT Do For My Enterprise?

Over 600 companies – including Fortune 500 companies – have accessed our system to share and manage critical content. They compare divisions, analyze sectors, and improve operations & profitability faster.

Assessment of Enterprise to Avoid High Cost

EYT Business and EYT Enterprise Services put an end to the Industry and Sector productivity drain on your organization while enhancing your employee and leadership engagement. You’ll have easy access to reports, your business strategy, and action plans to implement and discuss results.

Continuous Improvement of Operations – our survey makes it easy to assess and review all operations and multiple divisions. You can review management, employees, and leadership. See your operations, profitability, compare business processes and operations by all participants, players, partners, industry experts, and producers.

Compare Employee’s, Leadership’s, and Expert’s Perspective on Your Profitability – Quickly and Easily – with EYT you verify how teams are engaged in efforts of performance improvement for business profitability, productivity, service quality, cost improvement, net earnings, and revenue sharing– or compare external partners and vendors – just by sending a link.

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Leadership and Employees On the Same Page with Assessment and Strategy.

Employee and Leadership Engagement Reporting

EYT Business and EYT Enterprise centralize objectives in a single online report and system deployment, in the field.

We invite selected team members to engage in developing business strategy and a strategic planning discussion. It is focused on the continuous improvement of objectives relevant to all departments, from Administration, Operations, and Finance, to IT, Customer Service, and Sales. You facilitate the system deployment with our help and we facilitate collaboration.

You get real savings on our field service implementation such as multiple discounts on survey deployments tailored to your company’s type and growth phase. We provide 10% to 20% discounts to qualified prospects on New Product Launches and on Association Programs upon qualification. Each Web Assessment qualifies your business for a 8% to 10% discounted price on field services and project collaboration.

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Entire Enterprise Now: Deployment, Strategy, Guaranteed R.O.I. on Project Assurance

EYT Enterprise not only let you survey all level of employees, but then compare their perspectives on crucial business matters to each other. You get an assessment, strategy, and plans compared to your objectives.

You upload the Employee Needs Assessment, Strategy, and Plan. We act as your online and field virtual facilitator. Use our leadership on the project and make challenging employees or divisions profitable.

We share Your Content Results Securely. No matter how large the project is, where you provide the assessment, or when you share content only you will have access to the information. Additionally, all of our Post Implementation and Adjustments provide a desirable ROI for 100% to 300%. We select the ROI scale and measure it upon project implementation.

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