Engage Your Team

What Researchers Are Saying…

71 % of American workers are only partially engaged, 21 percent are engaged, and a full eight percent are totally disengaged.”Towers Perrin

Employee Engagement means that employees know what to do and want to do it. There is a distorted perception that employee disengagement applies primarily to non-management personnel. Contrary to that, disengagement exists at all levels of an organization regardless of position or title.”Segal Sibson, 2007 Report

The Earnings per Share (EPS) of firms with engaged employees is 269% higher than those with disengaged employees.”

Employee disengagement costs American businesses $350 billion annually.”Gallup Reports, 2009

Employee discretionary contributions significantly increase productivity when employees are engaged.”

Increases in customer satisfaction and service quality have been documented when employees were engaged.”Malcolm Baldrige

There was an average 25% increase in sales per square foot when employees were engaged.”