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Case Study: Midwest’s 20% Sales Increase

Midwest Food Equipment Service Success Case Study

Your thorough assessments of 14 critical business areas against ideal conditions gave us an accurate picture of our strengths and weaknesses in service delivery. Especially, your personal and group coaching helped us become a Word-Class Service Company and reinvent the way we are doing business today.” ~ David Boomstra, President.

Midwest responds to both warranty and non-warranty repair requests from restaurants, schools, retirement facilities, etc. for almost every major manufacturer of commercial food equipment. Their customers are the “need it now” food service industry that must ensure that the food preparation equipment they depend on is working properly at all times.

Customer Service Costs, Speed, and Quality

For many years Midwest Food Equipment Service prided themselves on doing everything in their power to get client’s equipment back up and running as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this they maintained constant communication with radio dispatched service technicians available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. As a result of uncontrolled sales and growing competition, the organization could not properly plan for customer service growth and experienced spiraling net earnings decreases. After working with company leadership and assessing both organization and employees, Result Global found three primary challenge areas: sales scheduling, customer service cost, and distribution time.

Multi-Faceted Assessments and Performance Reviews

Midwest supplier selected Result Global, the management consulting branch of EngageYourTeam.com, to help find a solution to its customer service and sales issues. Result Global used SAVE™ an Employee Engagement Assessment, Performance and Dispatching Review Tools and Leadership Training to show the company how to assess and measure customer service, that employees and departments must engage in closer collaboration, and how to manage the costs of service deployment.

Result Global initiated SAVE™ assessment to solidify the key leadership group vision, needs and dominant challenges. A strategic recommendation pin-pointed immediate and long-term priorities:
• Collaboration bottlenecks between field technical and parts department, office and management.
• Long-term strategic planning for performance improvement in sales, net earnings and service capability.
• Business strategy for net earnings improvement and value-added contribution goals for each profit center.

The next steps included data-gathering interviews, workshops, roundtables, and development of system and tools for plan implementation including multilayered projects such as: personal progress reporting for key managers, financial incentives for employees tied to improving sales, customer billing and add-on services, leadership performance gap analysis, and 360 degree performance review system.

The end result was a system that improved sales 20% above previous years, the billing $ per employee, as well as increases in:

  • Per Service Earnings
  • Improved Customer Retention
  • Business Net Earnings Overall
  • Increased Value-Added Services and Complimentary Product Sales