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Case Study: Klise’s 30% Growth

Klise Manufacturing Success Case Study

Your team assisted in the virtual re-invention of our company, resulting in 30% growth over the past year, and an anticipated 50% growth this year. We received employee engagement assessment reports with actionable improvement and expansion plans. The integration of technology in the management of our business, and a new branding strategy, were just a couple of the essential improvements.” ~ Jim Buter, Director of Marketing.

Klise is a leading manufacturer of decorative wood products located in West Michigan involved in innovative decorative wood product design. With unmatched craftsmanship for over 100 years, Klise offers furniture quality wood moldings and accent staples for the cabinetry, furniture, interior design, and architectural woodworking trades. Their product portfolio contains a vast collection of archived design and pattern selections that enhance any vision to furthering designs that artisans can use to create exclusive, private label patterns, as they did for Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterwork – Taliesin.

New Product & New Market Development

In an effort to expand customer base and strategize product diversification, Klise sought to modify its branding strategy, market reach, facilities capability, equipment and product capital beyond their traditional furniture market to embrace the architectural and cabinetry markets, and to allow for a more accessible and flexible delivery of its decorative wood products offerings. This would enable Klise to capture and manage its labor cost, turnover, and utilization of capital equipment with limited modification and very modest financial investment. In addition, its new expansion required increases in management skills and effective Human Resources Department which were all part of the company’s reinvention process.

Result Global began the project with systematic engagement assessments of employees and management to identify the unique training, talents, and roundtable groups involved in the reinvention process. Both administration and operational departments had to be managed effectively with a new strategy and system.

Using RGL’s employee engagement assessments and implementation methodology: STAR™, SAVE™ and Talenetics RGL assessed business strategy and employee needs to identify leading strategies and formulate plans for the management performance improvement, leadership effectiveness, and operations, maintenance, and production groups for continuous improvement initiatives.

The final solution included; a complete company re-branding initiative, research and expansion into new markets, the integration of a long-term strategic leadership expansion, adaptation of current equipment to support expanded products and services, enhanced sales and customer service training to handle new initiatives, and fully developed customer cloning package system for new market prospects.

The internet-based employee engagement assessments: STAR™, SAVE™ and Talenetics were used to produce employee and leadership engagement perspectives and compare them to expert knowledge and ideal business condition and produce strategic planning reports and actionable objectives. As an online test, both employee and leadership engagement assessments were utilized as timely, efficient tools to facilitate the entire assessment process with a minimum of time expenditure.

These breakthrough products and tools allowed Klise to assess and implement New Products & New Market Solutions by providing them with strategic information on actionable plans and training on variety of challenges they neede to address simultaneously.

Klise added a $4M contract for partial manufacture and assembly of product, with the potential for up to $10M in sales increases within 18 months. The scalable solution positioned Klise to successfully reduce labor per unit manufacture, labor turnover from 29% to 14%, expanded market niche and client customer base in addition to advance payment to cover the cost of equipment modification.

Klise received more than a 300% net revenue gains on their investment in this reinvention process. The company continued to work with RGL for 36 month to establish $15M of additional annual business pre-tax revenue of 20%.