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Real World Case Studies and Results

Klise (Decorative Wood Products)

Klise Success Case Study
Klise has a rich history of eloquently designed and finely crafted wood products. The challenge for them was how to expand into new markets and also develop new product lines for existing markets. Engage Your Team partnered with Klise to develop and implement a program that addressed both these needs and achieved an astounding 30% growth with a projected 50% growth rate moving forward.

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Midwest Food Equipment Service

Case Study - Midwest Food Equipment Service
Midwest Food Equipment was experiencing growth pains as a result of an expanding customer base as well as increased competition.  The company needed to isolate the cause of decreases in net earnings and partnered with EngageYourTeam to diagnose the problem areas and address the performance improvement necessary to increase efficiencies across customer service, scheduling and service delivery.  After uncovering the root causes of the issues, an implementation and tracking program was crafted that resulted in providing Midwest a 20% sales increase as well as shored up performance in areas that weren’t even originally anticipated.

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