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Comprehensive Team Performance Assessment Tools

With EYT, you can survey any size group or any number of departments, and easily see how your employees currently see your business performance and what continuous improvement needs exist in your Administration, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance and/or IT Departments. You can identify where your best opportunities for your next growth phase exist from your employee needs perspective.

EYT provides performance improvement reports on your organization anytime, anywhere for your convenience and peace of mind.
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Employees and Leadership Engagement Strategy – Quickly and Easily

Employee and Leadership Engagement Reporting
There are lots of ways EYT can ramp up your productivity and improve your business strategy for your next growth phase, and here is a big one: It provides a comprehensive survey of your employee engagement at all levels, with an emphasis on short and long-term engagement strategies. So, say good-bye to dysfunctional business performance improvement of only one area while neglecting others. With our Integrated Employee Engagement and Leadership Engagement Assessments you will receive actionable specific solutions, business strategies, long and short-term business action plans, on all areas of your organization.

EYT helps you mobilize employees around the best continuous improvement strategies for your sales growth, profitability, operationals, or service quality. You decide on the objectives that we help you assess and measure and then can assist you in implementing into action.

Leadership on the Same Page with Implementation and Collaboration


EYT enables collaboration with your key leadership talent to communicate objectives and goals during a roundtable session sharing their vision for the business. We assist you in establishing your business strategy, help your leadership define responsibilities, and develop prioritized actionable plans for continuous improvement and implementation. In the roundtable session we lead the session, facilitate strategic planning, and design the implementation of the strategies determining qualified management champions who, along with our management consulting assistance, address and lead the implementation of the plans.

Receive Real-Time Employee Engagement with EYT field support that provides you a dedicated expert Change Agent, ready to lead your entire project from start to deployment to finish. You assign and recruit qualified champions, we lead the process with established business milestones. During our monthly Gap Analysis meetings, we discuss your progress and performance improvement while you understand your own system for sustained continuous improvement, feedback, and receive the desired employee engagement outcomes, all at one time, in one place.

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