Engage Your Team

Full-Enterprise Assessment At Your Fingertips

Finally an Employee Engagement Assessment that provides a performance improvement strategy and a plan for employee needs at all levels of your entire organization that provides specific solutions to increase your profits, improve your sales, and guarantee ROI

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Employee Engagement That Guarantees 100%-300% ROI

Experience the results of an employee needs assessment through outcome reports, business strategy, and performance improvement plans and receive guaranteed implementation ROI

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The RoleFit™ Survey With Over 100,000 Users

Get Automated Job Applicant Screening & Rank Ordering to Expedite Decisions Regarding Hiring, Career Success, or Reduction in Force (RIF)

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Leadership Strategy For Profitable Engagement

EYT assessment reports allow you to customize your business strategy for meeting your goals and helps you integrate and engage all employees in collaboration and cooperation towards industry specific continuous improvement objectives

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Online Employee Engagement Assessment

EngageYourTeam will assess the entire business with an all-in-one online employee needs assessment so you can measure employee and management at all levels, departments, and locations. EYT will then assess the difference on how employee practices do or don’t meet your business strategy, objectives, profitability, and production goals. Compare your strategy with specific solutions in your Assessment Report and Strategic Action Plans.Try Us Out…

Online Employee Engagement and Strategic Action Report

Manage critical strategic planning development for your business quickly, simply, and securely with EYT. Compare your assessment report for two business groups: Human Resources and Operational Management. Take a look at the 10 business areas such as: Career Success Mapping, Internal Communication, Diversity Management, Cross-Functional Collaboration, and more, which you’ll be able to review immediately on-line and begin to work on your future action plans. Start Free…

Employee Engagement System Implementation & Tools

EYT is pioneering a new level of Employee Engagement Strategy with an All-in-One: Assessment Report, Strategies, and Prioritized Action Plans. Our leadership in performance improvement of business strategy and plans provides you with a guaranteed 100-300% ROI on implementation in cooperation with our parent company: Result Global. We work with your internal consultants or one-on-one with you to deliver specific solutions for engagement improvement. Learn More…

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